About Us

This page provides a brief history of Qwik Stitch and its employees.

In July, 2002, we registered Qwik Stitch, L.L.C.with the state of North Carolina, with the intention of establishing the absolute best retail embroidery business in the Raleigh area. The domain name, QwikStitch.com, was also registered and a simple, informative website was immediately created. We were off and running, but we needed a home.

In late September, we executed one of our main objectives by purchasing an established embroidery business, Dave's Custom Caps, which occupied a retail cart located in the middle of the very popular Crabtree Valley Mall since 1990. This purchase provided an excellent location for this new company, starter embroidery equipment and initial inventory to launch the beginning of a completely revamped business operation with an entirely new direction and vision. The key employees of the old business, with numerous years of embroidery experience, continued their employment with Qwik Stitch, providing excellent workmanship and superior design skills. Manuel Jaime is the current owner and general manager of Qwik Stitch and has amassed extensive expertise in the embroidery business. He is responsible for the high-quality embroidery produced everyday, for every customer.

Qwik Stitch immediately became a completely enhanced business operation from its predecessor providing a much wider variety of embroidery and digitizing services not previously offered. We purchased new, high-speed computers with the latest pattern design software and state-of-the-art embroidery machines that collectively produce beautiful embroidery at lightning speed that the customer can witness in real time while they wait. It's quite fascinating to watch the complete process take place in just a few minutes.

In February 2009, we moved out of Crabtree Valley Mall and into a very large facility at
2420 Atlantic Ave. located just a few miles from the mall at the corner of Hodges St. (see Map). Qwik Stitch now shares this new facility with our commercial embroidery company, 919 Embroidery.

All of our employees are well-trained in the art of embroidery to ensure that our customers receive the finest embroidery service in the shortest time possible.

We are Qwik Stitch and proud to be of service to you. Come visit us soon and see for yourself.